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Rick Smith
"I've known about FitGolf for several years. I've always believed in stretching, and FitGolf is the first ever program that could help the common man (get fit to play better golf), and it is the first golf-specific exercise program that can be done nationwide."

Rick Smith

"I do miss your sessions and will always remember that the year after we worked together, I had my best year in golf, winning a couple of club championships here and in Switzerland.I still have a single digit handicap (8.3 index) but age has made it more difficult to be as consistent. At least I am still playing and that is good and I still love it."

D. Utroska

Nicole Jeray
"In December 2000 I was fortunate to have played with an amateur who experienced tremendous improvements in his golf game and overall physique after partaking in the FitGolf program.

I was very excited at the prospect of improving my posture, physique, and golf game. I called FitGolf in Chicago and immediately began working with Betsy Voyles. This was the best decision I have made for my golfing career as well as my physical well being. I recommend this program for golfers and non-golfers who are interested in a healthier, pain free, good looking body.

For my entire golfing life, I have struggled with maintaining my spine angle at the top of my swing and follow through. My posture was unstable and I hit many weak, thin shots. After two weeks of working with Betsy at FitGolf and doing the exercises she gave me, my golf swing spine angle and posture improved dramatically without my conscious effort.
Completely amazing! Suddenly, it was easier for me to take a divot and my thin shots became uncommon.

I had always thought my fitness routine was sufficient. I may have been doing a few good exercises, but doing them properly was a different story. Now that I’m doing these correctly, they specifically target my weak and tight muscles. I am stronger and more flexible in the areas I need to be making it easier to make the proper golf swing.

Yes, I have always received compliments on my golf swing, but never about my posture and spine angle. Two weeks ago, a perfect stranger working at a golf store was in awe of how perfect my spine angle, set up, and posture was. This put a big smile on my face. It is not a coincidence; FitGolf is responsible for this progress.

Not only has FitGolf helped my golf game, my overall posture has improved. My round shoulders are disappearing as you read this, my physique is more equalized, and I am preventing the back and neck problems that most golfers suffer from.

How do I promote FitGolf? FitGolf needs exposure and someone to talk about the program with enthusiasm and conviction. I believe in FitGolf! The name is not just sitting on my golf bag. I practice FitGolf on a daily basis and know that everybody else should too.

Playing in 25-30 professional tournaments and another 25-30 pro-am outings puts me in the public eye all year long. Families welcome me into their home each week and we get to know each other very well. FitGolf is always a topic of conversation in my foursomes and in the homes I stay. People are very interested in what athletes do and believe in.

The obvious progress I have made makes me very eager to let people know the advantages of such a great program."

Nicole Jeray, LPGA Tour Player

Dr. Cerullo
"Our patients have been uniformly enthusiastic. I don't know of any golfer who doesn't want to golf more, and I don't know of any golfer who doesn't want to golf better. And particularly for those golfers who have a spine problem, whether it be their neck or their lower back, the golf clinic has proven to be nothing short of miraculous. They not only find that they're able to golf better, but they're able to golf more because their game is not associated with painful repercussions."

Dr. Leonard Cerullo