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The FitGolf® Program

swinging on foam roll

We look at the golf swing from a unique angle: The golfer's body. Based on the idea that any body issue will contribute to a swing flaw, FitGolf focuses on how a golfer's balance, flexibility, strength and endurance contribute to or limit accurate and consistent performance.

There is sound scientific research behind the development of the FitGolf program. In the 1980's, scientists measured muscle activity during the golf swing. The research identified which muscles were most involved in the swing, how they worked together and why injuries sometimes occurred.

swinging on foam roll

The first Director of Physical Therapy for the PGA Tour and founder of Body Balance (eventually becoming FitGolf), assisted with the clinical research. He evaluated how proper physical conditioning improved performance and minimized injuries among the world's elite golfers. Using this research, a golf-specific, fitness training and therapeutic treatment program -- FitGolf® -- was developed.

The FitGolf program includes:

1) Golf Performance Evaluation

Through balance, strength and flexibility testing, a FitGolf therapist evaluates your physical condition and compares it to what is required to perform the golf swing. The result of this testing is then compared to what is considered ideal.

A computerized swing analysis demonstrates how your body affects your swing. You will see for yourself how your body issues contribute to your swing flaws. A FitGolf therapist designs a customized training program to resolve your body issues based on your timetable and performance goals.

2) 3R Approach to Better Golf: Release, Reeducate, Rebuild

The FitGolf 3R Training Approach will be carried out by a certified FitGolf therapist combining hands-on body work and proven customized golf-specific exercises to address the body issues identified during the performance evaluation. The goal is to work through the Release, Reeducate and Rebuild phases of training to allow your body to make consistent and safe movements swing after swing.

3) Home Training Sessions

Your therapist will create a home program to reinforce what you have learned during your training sessions. This is an integral part of the FitGolf program that keeps you on track for meeting your goals.

FitGolf is the "missing ingredient." Get ready to lose strokes and gain yards.